Small Business Employees Make a Big Impact. How to Hire for Success.


How to Hire for Success.

As a small or start-up business, it can be challenging to compete with companies with larger budgets to attract top talent. After all, your company probably doesn’t have the same name recognition as one with a branch in every state. That doesn’t mean that you can’t attract the most talented people to work for your company, however. You just need to get smart about your hiring strategy.

Go Beyond Flashiness to Sell Your Company’s Culture and People

When you can’t compete with a well-known company name or fancy corporate offices, it’s better to focus on what your company offers that the big ones don’t have. Culture and people can be big selling points for small businesses.

For example, assume that a candidate states that his or her primary career goal is to progress from an entry-level to an executive role. This would be a good opportunity to bring another employee into the interview who has done just that. The employee could discuss the exact steps, such as pursuing additional education and creating a career ladder, that led to the executive position. The person you ask to join the interview should be willing to highlight what your company did to help him or her reach the current position and not just individual efforts.

Play to the Candidate’s Motivations

Although earning an income is the reason to apply for a job, money isn’t the only thing or even the most important thing for many people. Opportunities for growth are a big motivator, which are often easier to achieve at a small company than a larger one. While a candidate might not come right out and state his or her motivations, you can word interview questions in such a way that draws them out. If you can tease out the motivations and the person appears to be a good fit, it’s the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how your company can help him or her achieve important personal and professional goals.

Consider How Well the Candidate Would Fit Corporate Culture

An applicant can have all the right qualifications and still be the wrong fit for your company’s open position. Many companies are now realizing this after losing money when a seemingly ideal new hire quits within months. This has spurred the popularity of the behavioral interview, a process that predicts how a candidate might behave on the job based on behavior in previous positions.

Another idea is to have the candidate meet with as many of his or her prospective co-workers as possible. This provides a realistic sense of the types of personalities the new hire would work with every day. Give the person an office tour and consider an invitation to a social event with the manager and other employees in the hiring department if he or she seems open to such an idea.

You might be surprised at the talent you can attract when you’re willing to adjust your hiring strategy. is about execution, getting things done, moving the needle, helping the business owner succeed. We want to meet with you and hear your story. It’s always exciting to learn about the solutions and challenges business owners are facing daily, and to see how we can work together.

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