Rick Cottrell, Voted Top Business Advisor in St. Louis, MO.


Rick Cottrell, CEO of, was just voted one of the top business advisors in St. Louis, MO. by the Small Business Monthly.  Says Rick, “Business owners realize they can’t go it alone to reach their goals. They need the right kind of planning and strategy from an experienced advisor to reach next level success. I am excited to receive this honor and the acknowledgement of our clients.”

From the Small Business Monthly publication (February 2020):

What are the biggest challenges today for business owners (in your experience):

A major challenge for entrepreneurial business owners is Predictable Growth.  Based on our research, 80% of small to mid-sized company leaders are not maximizing the potential of their businesses.  Many have hit an artificial ceiling primarily based on an increase in business complexity and basic clarity on how to take the next step.  We have also found that entrepreneurial business owners that get a handle on what it takes to reach next level success can quickly accelerate the growth of their businesses.

Best advice for business owners:

Understand your “Why”, your personal vision, and build it into your business’ targets and goals.  Our research shows that 7 out of 10 small to mid-sized entrepreneurial business owners do not consider their personal goals and objectives when scaling their businesses.  In effect, they undervalue themselves significantly.  As a business owner or leader, it is imperative to include your personal vision when planning the future of your business. a St. Louis, MO. company works with small to mid-sized businesses to help them achieve accelerated growth.  Through the use of a proprietary set of tools, has helped cross industry companies maximize their absolute potential. 


Get More of Everything Out of Your Business

We get our best results working with entrepreneurial leaders that can put their ego’s aside and are willing to be open, honest and transparent. 



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