How do I Find the Business Coach That is the Right Match for Me?


How do I Find the Business Coach That is the Right Match for Me?

When you’re new to running a business, it’s a good idea to take advantage of all the help you can get from those who have been at it a while. Most business owners can use the input of a coach whether they have just launched a start-up or are trying to grow their business to the next level. However, it’s important to carefully evaluate the person you want to act as your business coach. Anyone can claim to be a coach without having the credentials to back it up.


Start by Tapping into Your Existing Network

Finding someone to work with as a business coach doesn’t have to be difficult if you know where to look. We recommend that you begin your search within your own network of business contacts. For example, you probably have at least a few phone numbers in your virtual Rolodex of people who you worked closely with on a project. People love to give referrals when they feel that a business or service has been especially helpful to them. If someone gives you a specific name, be sure to ask several questions to help identify who is and is not a good match. Some examples include:

  • Can you talk about some specific examples of advice your business coach gave you that helped you to grow professionally or increase your company revenue?
  • What did you like the best and least about working with this coach?
  • Did you feel this person’s rates were fair compared to the quality of coaching you received?

Once you have gathered a few recommendations, look online for the website and LinkedIn profile of each business coach. It’s a good idea to look for online ratings as well. This can give you even greater insight than you received from your friend. If you’re unable to gather any personal recommendations, conduct online research until you find a few business coaches you feel comfortable with contacting.


Consider Attending Local Networking Events

You may not have built up a large network of business contacts if you have just launched your company. Fortunately, you can still find people to refer you to a good local business coach. If you’re not already a member, consider joining the Chamber of Commerce or attending a local get-together for small business owners. You can typically find such events through organizations such as These events are excellent venues for people to share ideas with one another, including whether they have worked with a business coach in the past and who they would recommend.


Schedule an Initial Consultation

To help attract new clients, many business coaches offer a free initial consultation in person or by phone. Be sure to take advantage of this to learn whether the person you contacted appears to be a good fit. Find out exactly what you can expect in terms of number of calls or in-person visits per week, fees, and other essential details.


If you still can’t find a business coach after trying these tips or you’re dissatisfied with the one you have, we’d love to meet with you and hear your story. is about execution, getting things done, moving the needle, helping the business owner succeed.  It’s always exciting to learn about the solutions and challenges business owners are facing daily, and to see how we can work together.




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