SBA Names Rick Cottrell Small Business Advocate of the Year

As reported by the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the SBA of Eastern Missouri has named Rick Cottrell the Small Business Advocate of the Year for 2020. Rick’s company, utilizes proven systems and tools, including the Entrepreneurial Operating System or EOS to help companies scale and grow. Click here for St. Louis Post Dispatch Announcement…
Work-Life Balance is Especially Important for Small Business Owners

The “New Normal” – How covid-19 Will Change the Way We Do Business.

As the coronavirus or covid-19 continues to spread across the world a business trend is accelerating along with it, the fast adoption of the virtual workforce. Companies have shut down most offices. Workers have been told to hunker down at home and work virtually. Only the most necessary of personnel are inhabiting their usual space.…
Baby Boomers Ditch Retirement to Start Small Businesses

Baby Boomers Ditch Retirement to Start Small Businesses

Instead of slowing down and embracing retirement, a great many baby boomers are opting to start their own small businesses instead, according to a survey recently taken on the subject. Surprisingly, entrepreneurs over the age of 50 currently comprise more than half of all American small business owners, with 33% of all small business owners…




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