High Impact Manager Training Program added to our Arsenal

The High Impact Manager training process will prepare an organization’s mid and upper-level managers to handle over 90% of the challenges they will face as leaders in their companies.  It is a mixture of online and facilitated coursework that covers everything a manager needs to become more effective, efficient and has been proven to help…

Rick Cottrell, Voted Top Business Advisor in St. Louis, MO.

Rick Cottrell, CEO of, was just voted one of the top business advisors in St. Louis, MO. by the Small Business Monthly.  Says Rick, “Business owners realize they can’t go it alone to reach their goals. They need the right kind of planning and strategy from an experienced advisor to reach next level success.…
Best Practices for Splitting Profits in a Small Business Partnership

Best Practices for Splitting Profits in a Small Business Partnership

  Determining partnership profits in a business can be a huge source of strain, if not handled properly from the start. Before starting your business with one or more partners, make sure that you all agree on the structure of your business first. This can have a big impact of partnership profits as can the…

Why the Heck Can’t My Employees Think Like Me?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get to the level of freedom where you could work on your business instead of in it?  How can you determine who on your leadership team can make that happen? Read more in my article in Missouri Business: Why the Heck Can’t My Employees Think Like Me?
Avoid These Red Flags That Can Trigger an IRS Audit

Avoid These Red Flags That Can Trigger an IRS Audit

As a small business owner, you have enough on your plate already without worrying about how to defend yourself should the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) decide to audit your return. When the IRS audits someone, whether an individual taxpayer or a business owner, that person bears the burden of proof for whatever the IRS is…

Profit Hides Lots of Mistakes

As business owners become content and satisfied, they become less motivated to maintain optimal health in their organizations.  In fact, our research shows that over 80 percent of businesses suffer from this condition, and it is costing them significant profitability and cash flow opportunities. Read more about this phenomenon in my article on Missouri Business here.…




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