What is EOS®?

EOS® is a comprehensive system  of tools and concepts that thousands of business owners have used to get the most out of their business. Implementing the EOS® system will help business owners and managers in three important ways:

  • Vision – Learn how to get everyone on the same page and keep them there. Teamwork is vital to any organization and it all starts with vision.
  • Traction® – Discover the ways to drive focus, discipline and accountability so that everyone is working to make the vision reality- every day.
  • Healthy  – Form a leadership team that is cohesive and functional, inspiring others in your organization to be successful.

Why EOS® Works

The EOS® system is currently helping thousands of business leaders to get the most our of their business. What makes the system work so well?

  • Built For Busy Entrepreneurs – The EOS® System is comprised of simple concepts and tools that are designed for a fast paced business. No new fads or complex theories just proven strategies and tactics that really work.
  • Holistic Approach – The EOS® system looks at the total package of your business through the Six Key Components™ – Vision, People,Data, Issues, Process, Traction
  • Once and For All Solutions – No more will you treat symptoms without addressing the root cause of your business challenges. EOS® takes a deep dive to see what’s really happening.
  • Focus, Discipline, Accountability – EOS® is a simple way to understand what is vital to your business, who is responsible, and what success looks like. Every team member gets a handful of goals and metrics so you get sustainable results.


Professional EOS® Implementer

Rick Cottrell is a Professional EOS® Implementer. Rick’s knowledge from more than 30 years in business will close the gaps so you get the most out of EOS®. Let Rick’s passion and knowledge go to work for you.

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