How Taking a Vacation Can Make You a Better Business Owner

Taking a Vacation Can Make You a Better Business Owner

One reason that people go into business for themselves is that they’re drawn to the flexibility that comes with being their own boss. They assume that they will be able to take a vacation as often as they want and for as long as they want. It doesn’t take long working on their own to realize this isn’t as easy as it seemed when they were employed by someone else.

Not only is there no one to delegate the work to in their absence, entrepreneurs often have a personality that makes it difficult for them to disconnect from business entirely. However, taking a break from it all is as essential for the self-employed as it is for anyone else. When considering the multiple hats that entrepreneurs wear and the variety of duties they juggle, it could be even more critical to physical and mental well-being to step away for a time.


Provide Clients with Plenty of Notice About an Upcoming Vacation

Besides not knowing who to delegate work to, self-employed individuals often fear that they will lose clients if they take more than two consecutive days off.  With some careful planning, this doesn’t have to happen. It would be a rare client who would drop someone who he or she enjoys working with just because that person decided to take a vacation.

Of course, the client might feel annoyed if he or she didn’t receive any advanced notice of the time off or if work sat unfinished. This is easy for entrepreneurs to avoid by giving their clients at least two weeks’ notice that they won’t be available for work on certain dates.


Develop a Continuity Plan

Whether a business has one employee or 10, it must be able to operate when the owner isn’t physically present. The best way to ensure that everything runs smoothly is to outsource certain tasks ahead of time and set up automated messages wherever possible. For example, the business owner could hire a temporary virtual assistant to cover administrative tasks during vacation.

Setting up voicemail and email with automated messages informing clients of the start and end time of the vacation is also a good idea. Small business owners who regularly post on social media can schedule their posts in advance to run while they’re away on vacation.


Have an Emergency Plan in Place

Even people who work entirely alone need to have someone available they can call on to handle urgent client needs while they’re away. It should be a person who works in the same line of business, such as a connection from a networking group, rather than a friend or relative who may know nothing about the products, services, or clients.


We hope we have you convinced of the need – and ability! – to take an occasional vacation. If you still aren’t sure if you can swing it, or could use further guidance, give us a call.  We want to meet with you and hear your story. is about execution, getting things done, moving the needle, helping the business owner succeed.  It’s always exciting to learn about the solutions and challenges business owners are facing daily, and to see how we can work together.